Yidnekachew Mogessie./Medical Intern Doctor/ Senior Adviser For North and East Africa, Global Health Focus/ Project coordinator, Sexual Health Education For Better Awareness/ Internationally Certified IFMSA Trainer/ Youth Focal Point, FP2020 United Nations Foundation/ Board member, Danish Embassy member of Youth Advisory Board(YAB)/ Former President, Ethiopian Medical Students Association St. Paul’s.

Dr. Mogessie is a vibrant passionate youth health advocate who is serving as a volunteer leader in multiple health initiatives. For instance, he is currently serving as the senior adviser for North and East Africa in Global health Focus initiative which is an international initiative with the aim of developing critical thinkers and leaders in global health. Under this initiative, he was able to deliver this course to more than a thousand participants in East Africa and now he is working to expand it to North

Africa. He is also a Sexual and Reproductive Health advocate and project coordinator of one of the Rex Crossely Award winning projects, sexual health education for better awareness (SHEBA) project. Furthermore, he has been training much youth-led organizations and students in Sudan, Egypt, Rwanda, and Kenya as Essential Leadership Skills trainer, International Federation of Medical Students Association trainer, women’s Health and Safe Abortion trainer, and Global Health Trainer.

His vision is to see an empowered youth who is not afraid to seek family planning services and to develop critical thinkers and leaders in global health across developing African countries.