The Universal Health Coverage (UHC) day which is one of President Kenyatta’s Big Four Agenda, will be celebrated on 12 December , the theme being ‘Keep the Promise’. This is after the United Nation General assembly (UNGA) proclaimed 12 December as International Universal Health Coverage Day (UHC Day) by resolution, making it an official UN-designated day.

Youths’ role in driving UHC agenda is crucial as they ensure that they are not left behind.

Young people have woefully untapped potential as crucial advocates and partners in achieving UHC.

UHC Day aims to raise awareness of the need for strong and resilient health systems and universal health coverage with multi-stakeholder partners. On this day,  Youth4UHC advocates plan to raise their voices to share the stories of the millions of people still waiting for health, champion what we have achieved so far, call on leaders to make bigger and smarter investments in health, and encourage diverse groups to make commitments to help move the world closer to UHC by 2030. (WHO)

As part of this discussion, the Youth4UHC Movement will host a regional tweet chat to discuss the role of youth in UHC agenda.

They will also talk about the outcomes and call to action of the UN General Assembly (UNGA) high-level meeting on universal health coverage which took place on 23 September 2019 in New York with the overall theme: Universal Health Coverage: Moving Together to Build a Healthier World.