Emmanuel Ndabombi is the Volunteers Manager and gShe National Coordination at Wfac Cameroon, who under his supervision, effectively mobilizes, trains and deploys over 40 volunteers across Wfac programs annually.

Emmanuel in addition designs the strategic plan of action and curriculum for the gender, Sexuality/society and health education (gShe) program which seeks to impart adolescents and young people in/out of schools with the right information on/about their sexuality and reproductive health and rights (SRHR); reaching out to over 2000 students in schools across the 10 regions of the country every year.

He is an enthusiastic, dynamic, respectful, energetic and solutions-oriented individual, fun of soccer, through which he effectively coordinates outreach campaigns such as the #SDGsFootVacances; bringing together over 5 rural communities with over 1000+ boys and girls, to increase communal  awareness on the Global Goals for Sustainable Development, and the role we have as individuals in promoting and advancing its realization by 2030.

As part of the Youths4UHC Movement, regionally and in country; raise awareness on the UHC agenda2030, mobilise young people to joining in on the movement, which seeks to strengthen and hold government(s) responsible in ensuring UHC for all, by realising the UHC agenda2030.